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Moscow's 'The Y' Restaurant Embraces Millennials in Nostalgic Allure


PROJECT:  The Y Restaurant

LOCATION:  莫斯科, 俄罗斯


莫斯科餐厅老板基拉·贝巴科娃喜欢大胆尝试,因此,在她的新餐厅“ The Y”中,她没有固定一层楼,而是在莫斯科市中心新建的一栋居民楼中固定了两层,将其转变为多功能的餐厅。在纽约的设计工作室Asthetíque的帮助下,餐厅共有200位顾客,并设有2个开放式厨房,一个私人餐厅,一个咖啡厅,一个酒吧和一个秘密游戏室,该工作室的设计营造出精致而随和的氛围,客人可以在此享受早晨咖啡,休闲午餐或美食晚餐。

Moscow restaurant owner Kira Bebakova likes to try boldly, so in her new restaurant "The Y", instead of fixing a floor, she fixed two in a new residential building in the center of Moscow Layer, turning it into a multi-functional restaurant. With the help of Asthetíque, a design studio in New York, the restaurant has a total of 200 customers, and has 2 open kitchens, a private restaurant, a cafe, a bar and a secret game room. The design of the studio creates exquisite In a relaxed atmosphere, guests can enjoy morning coffee, casual lunch or gourmet dinner.


Y is considered to be the theater stage of Generation Y. In other words, the outgoing 30- to 40-year-old Moscow people whose young people are encouraged by the adulthood defined by the Internet boom and the rapid development of digital technology. Ironically, satire is the most commonly used tool for resisting the troubles of daily life in the millennium era. Athestíque's approach has a subtle nostalgic feeling. It is combined with elegant arches and soft pastel colors to combine the aesthetics of the 1970s. Combining art with decorative graphic elegance.

这家餐厅被明确地认为是远离现代莫斯科喧嚣的轻松避难所,其电影般的设计是柔和的优雅和旧时的魅力结合。受到著名美国电影导演韦斯·安德森的启发,他独特的视觉语言兼具美学和叙事目的,Y风格的装饰风格以梦幻的粉彩调色板为代表,其折衷使用的材料包括黄铜,天鹅绒和抛光木材,传达出奢华和精致,以及对对称和重复的偏爱。 装饰墙板,图形醒目的壁板,定制吊灯和花卉墙纸等众多醒目的细节使每个空间区分开来,而场地的美学凝聚力则以柔和的拱形,圆形和球形几何语言以及清新的郁郁葱葱的外观为基础。

This restaurant is clearly regarded as a relaxed refuge away from the hustle and bustle of modern Moscow, and its film-like design is a combination of soft elegance and old charm. Inspired by the famous American film director Wes Anderson, his unique visual language has both aesthetic and narrative purposes. The Y-style decorative style is represented by a dreamy pastel palette. Its eclectic materials include brass and velvet. And polished wood convey luxury and refinement, as well as a preference for symmetry and repetition. Numerous striking details such as decorative wall panels, eye-catching wall panels, custom chandeliers and floral wallpapers differentiate each space, while the aesthetic cohesion of the venue is characterized by soft arches, circular and spherical geometric language and fresh lushness Based on the appearance.


The Y shape unfolds into a series of elegantly designed spaces: the private cafe on the first floor tends to be bright; the easy-going dining room and the spacious open kitchen allow guests to taste the interior structure of the restaurant. Upstairs is a mint-colored dining area with its own open kitchen that conveys the atmosphere of the 1970s French bistro, while the adjacent bar and dining area feature dark wood paneling and brass furniture, exuding old style The sense of world in the school club. The Y Theater has a private dining room for stage performances, which can be accessed through a secret door into a hidden game room, while the toilet is more like an upscale dressing room that completes the venue facilities. In the busy pace of Moscow, this is an exquisite and elegant place.