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Ukrainian's Barsaza Bar

Project  |  巴尔萨扎酒吧
Location |  乌克兰基辅
Area  |  160M²
Designer |Rina Lovko设计工作室
本期设计案例,给大家分享来自乌克兰本地设计工作室Rina Lovko构思设计的别致的地下城酒吧—巴尔萨扎酒吧。Besarabsky市场是城市中心一个宏伟的历史悠久的室内市场,这个案例充分利用了其地下空间,工作室与酒吧的艺术总监紧密合作,通过世纪中叶的怀旧和当代技巧,过滤了这座建筑具有百年历史的工业遗产,营造出一种亲密的沉浸式环境,最终形成了一个将古老酒窖的怪异氛围与独特的演讲风格相结合的酒吧。
In this design case, I will share with you a unique underground city bar, Barsaza Bar, conceived and designed by the Ukrainian local design studio Rina Lovko. Besarabsky Market is a magnificent historic indoor market in the center of the city. This case makes full use of its underground space. The studio and the bar’s art director work closely together to filter the building’s century-old history through nostalgic and contemporary techniques in the mid-century The industrial heritage of the city creates an intimate and immersive environment, and finally forms a bar that combines the weird atmosphere of the ancient wine cellar with a unique speech style.


The bar is marked by a discrete triangular sign above the inconspicuous metal door.






The Besarabka market opened in 1912. The locals called it a historic market. It was the first roofed market in Kiev, and was an early modernist architectural specimen. Its grand design obscured its function. 




Being in the basement of a century-old historical building has brought architectural and official challenges to the design team and extended the renovation for a year and a half. From the limited height of the arched building that needs to reduce the floor height by half a meter (digging tons of soil and other materials at night to avoid interfering with the laborious process of the daily operation of the market), to the need to waterproof the floor and design The team cleverly used non-standard solutions to solve a series of problems, turning the narrow, damp, and annoying underground area into a charming venue. 



The excavation process brought the ground part of the building to the ground, and the design team skillfully transformed it into a banquet seat that extends along the length of the venue. The narrow and long space also includes a high seating area, with a comfortable bar counter and private space fixed to the wall The upper table and a lounge are furnished with designer vintage medieval centennial armchairs and sofas.f11.jpgf12.jpgf5.jpgf13.jpgs15.jpg

酒吧的整体美学结合了建筑物的粗,、工业遗产与世纪中叶的精致感,并以棕色和绿色的泥土色调色板为基础,并采用了亲密的照明设计,通过定制设计的灯营造出柔和的温暖照明感 由乌克兰设计师Vasily Grublyak创作。

The overall aesthetic of the bar combines the roughness of the building, the industrial heritage and the refinement of the mid-century, and is based on a brown and green earth color palette, and uses an intimate lighting design to create a softness through custom-designed lights The sense of warm lighting was created by Ukrainian designer Vasily Grublyak. 







裸露的砖砌,完整的或漆成橄榄绿色的水泥地板砖和金属家具,包括经过人工锈蚀和涂鸦处理的气势宏伟的入口门,还可以使用旧酒桶的木材作为入口台阶和公用桌, 酒吧柜台上的釉面为绿色的苏联瓷砖,胡桃木贴面覆盖桌面,奢华的皮革和天鹅绒装饰增添了精致和精致的感觉。最终,正是这些经过微调的材料和纹理的并置构成了酒吧诱人的优雅与沉思感的融合。

Exposed brickwork, complete or painted olive green cement floor tiles and metal furniture, including magnificent entrance doors that have been artificially rusted and graffiti treated. You can also use the wood of old wine barrels as entrance steps and public tables, bars The glaze on the counter is green Soviet tiles, the walnut veneer covers the table, and the luxurious leather and velvet decoration add a refined and refined feeling. In the end, it is the juxtaposition of these fine-tuned materials and textures that constitute the bar's tantalizing elegance and contemplation.