Project  | HAZEL餐厅


In this design case, I will share with you the HAZEL restaurant. Do you like to eat delicious food in a simple, plain space? HAZEL is a celebration of "the glorious years of the celebrate the generations of culture, food, ideas and design", located in the oldest and most coveted heritage building on Flinders Lane in Melbourne's central business district 1. This restaurant is convenient in transportation, simple and stylish, and can stand the test of time, not just "design". Its internal environment, while considering its background while avoiding the choices determined by the trend, is a confident space. It is liberated from the exhaustion of the over-designed culture and is also a bold attempt. This balanced approach brings an interior decoration, arguably minimalist minimalism, while strategically playing the card of minimalism which is enough to make things interesting and spicy and never boring and predictable .


The designer's inspiration is nurtured from a feeling-we want to create a world that feels powerful, sexy and comfortable. Instead of feeling expensive. To be honest, restaurants should always be food-centric, not expensive interiors designed to disguise the restaurant experience. The real source of inspiration is the excellent soundtrack and the 70's Muse, and the design intent is focused on displaying food and hospitality as the main experience of HAZEL.


In a scene of ‘over-designed restaurants’, it was imperative for us to create an interior that was accessible, minimalist and smart. Considering proportion, material and context, with no ‘on-trend’ finishes and furniture. An interior that is bold in its liberation.

该开放式厨房应达到建筑物的长度,并位于一楼俯瞰Flinders Lane的窗户线上。大多数运营商会将其保留给顾客,但是使该场所骄傲地展示着精美的美食,明火的火炉,农产品以及热情好客的心,真正融合了敬畏,激动和一见钟情。

The open kitchen should reach the length of the building and be located on the window line on the first floor overlooking Flinders Lane. Most operators will keep it to customers, but the place proudly displays fine cuisine, open fires, agricultural products and hospitality, which truly blends awe, excitement and love at first sight.

一些关键作品包括楼梯上的绘画-约瑟夫·华莱士·金的《破碎的沉默》玛丽母亲雕塑和法国古董镜,马克·道格拉斯定制的吊灯;David Thulstrup的Mobel的Font Light Barstools和Cole&Sons的Royal Fernery壁纸。成为优雅的极简主义者和再次极简游戏之间存在很好的平衡。

Some key works include paintings on the stairs-Joseph Wallace King's "Broken Silence" Mother Mary sculpture and French antique mirror, Mark Douglas' custom chandelier; David Thulstrup's Mobel's Font Light Barstools and Cole & Sons' Royal Fernery wallpaper. There is a good balance between being an elegant minimalist and being minimalist again.